Funding Opportunities

Information on a broad spectrum of funding sources that support research projects is provided here, both intramural and extramural.

These grant opportunities include ones funded through the Provost’s office (DTSA, Programmatic Initiative Grants), through NIH, DOD, NSF and other federal funding sources, and through foundations including limited submission opportunities that are selected through the Office of Institutional Advancement in collaboration with JCOR. Also provided is a link to Pivot, a searchable grants database, as well as useful links for preparing NIH grant applications.  

Types of Grants


Institutionally Limited Funding Opportunities

New: We are excited to announce the launch of Jefferson’s InfoReady Portal, a new tool for announcing, applying for and reviewing all institutionally competitive funding opportunities. Through the InfoReady portal, you will be able to review details and deadlines regarding upcoming non-federal institutionally limited funding opportunities, submit pre-proposal materials for review, and see the results of your submission. Reviewers will also be assigned and provide their feedback through the portal.

Please take a few minutes to access the site and to familiarize yourself with the portal. To access the Portal for the first time, you will use your Jefferson campus key and password. Please review the following Applicant Experience Training Video for an introduction to InfoReady.

What is an institutionally limited funding opportunity? Some foundations limit the number of applicants per institution. An internal competition will be managed through a subcommittee of Jefferson's Committee on Research (JCoR) to select the Jefferson applicant for each.

  • Please DO NOT apply directly — unsolicited applications may disqualify Jefferson from future competitions.
  • Limitations vary from foundation to foundation. Please wait for JCoR to release each opportunity announcement for application and funding details and instructions.

Below is a list of foundations and associations that host institutionally limited funding opportunities annually and their final deadlines; notifications generally go out two months in advance. Please contact Melissa Elgendy in the Office of Institutional Advancement for award and eligibility details and application instructions.

  • Brain Research Foundation - Scientific Innovators (June)
  • Pew Scholars for Biomedical Science (July)
  • Pew-Stewart Scholars for Cancer Research (July)
  • W.W. Smith Charitable Trust: Heart Disease, Cancer, and AIDS (July)
  • Avon Foundation for Women: Breast Health Outreach Program (August)
  • Kinship Foundation: Searle Scholars Program (September)
  • The Mary Kay Foundation: Women’s Cancer Research Grant Program (February)
  • The V Foundation: Translational Clinical Research and V Scholar Grant Program (February)
  • Breast Cancer Alliance: Exceptional Project Grant (April)
  • Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation (opportunities vary)
  • Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation for Cancer Research: Hematologic Malignancies (opportunities vary)

Federal Funding Sources

Other Federal Funding Sources

Non-Federal Resources, including Foundations, Disease-Specific Associations and Institutionally Limited Funding Opportunities

Jefferson’s Office of Institutional Advancement’s Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR) team offers services for Jefferson clinicians, researchers and administrators who seek external funding from non-federal sources including, corporations with philanthropic intent, charitable foundations and associations. CFR staff members are available to work with clinicians, researchers and others to identify funding priorities and potential philanthropic partners as well as to support the development of letters of intent (LOIs) and proposals.  CFR team members serve as the point of contact for foundation, association, and corporate partners, and are available to identify funding opportunities.  

Active funding opportunities are updated regularly. Please refer to this page to see the most up to date funding notices monthly.

Non-Federal Funding Opportunities

Other Funding Opportunities