Scientific Editing Services

For Faculty Grant Applications Submitted to Federal Agencies

RACE Scientific Writer Biography

Deborah L. Roussell, PhD, is the Scientific Writer in the Research Administration Center of Excellence. Her extensive scientific writing experience includes manuscripts, proposals, grants, patents, and reviews.  Deb joins Jefferson from Bristol-Myers Squibb, where she led Oncology Drug Discovery teams for 18 years.  Prior to that, she completed her PhD at Purdue University and postdoc training at University of Missouri School of Medicine.  

Dr. Roussell’s office is located in Jefferson Alumni Hall, JAH M-41A. She hosts Open Office Hours on Tuesdays from 1 – 2 pm; she may also be reached by phone 215-503-5284 or by e-mail,

Grant Editorial Services Available:

To Jefferson faculty – all campuses, all colleges, and all departments at no cost to faculty

For grant applications to federal agencies only – including NIH, DOD, NSF, CDC, NASA, ED, DOE, HHS, USDA, DHS, EPA, NEA, etc.

In a simple, streamlined process – no forms; simply e-mail document(s) directly to Deb

On a first-come, first-served basis – grant applications enter a queue upon receipt; the length of the queue any given day is highly variable

Turn-around-time:  within 5-8 days (usually much less) and dependent on length of the queue, type of application, and the application itself

Grant Editorial Services Include:

Review of the scientific components of grant applications:  Introduction, Abstract, Narrative, Specific Aims, Research Strategy, BioSketch

Basic copy-editing and proofreading:  Language, grammar, syntax, typos, cut/paste errors

Substantive Editing:  Suggestions for edits and revisions to enhance:

  • Style and Formatting
    optimal presentation format
    consistent application of style convention
  • Organizational Flow
    sentence, paragraph, section, document
  • Content
    clear – premise, aims, and strategy
    concise – prose, descriptions and plans
    compelling – logic, goals, and potential impact

For more information: Scientific Writer Service Level Agreement
(Requires a Jefferson campus key to access materials.)


As we strive to provide excellent services, RACE invites to you to share feedback about your experience with the services provided by the Scientific Writer-RACE through our survey.

Additional Writing Services

For a scientific review of grant applications contact the Internal Grant Mentoring Program, developed by JCoR and co-directed by Professors Raymond Penn, PhD and Sue Menko, PhD.

For editorial assistance with manuscript preparation, contact the Office for Professional Writing, Publishing, and Communication (OPWPC) in the Academic Commons.

For editorial assistance with grant applications to foundations, non-profit organizations and institutions, contact the Institutional Advancement team.

For promotion of your work to broader audiences, including the trade press and general public, contact Edyta Zielinski, Media Relations (preferably upon journal acceptance).