Opportunities to become involved in Collaborations at Jefferson

The High Impact Science Vector of the Jefferson Blueprint for Strategic Action demonstrates the commitment of our University to developing and supporting faculty and Programmatic Initiatives in our research community. Here we provide information on how you can develop and gain support for a new programmatic initiative or join an ongoing initiative at Jefferson.


JeffSolves is an initiative of the Jefferson Committee on Research (JCOR) supported by the Office of the Provost that aims to bring together faculty members from across the Jefferson community in crowdsourcing events aimed to generate innovative approaches for diseases that lack effective treatments and could benefit from new therapies developed at Jefferson. The experience is aimed at generating new ideas and approaches that could lead to new therapies through the development of new collaborations between our faculty.

Each program will include clinical insight from a Jefferson physician, an interview of a patient whenever possible, and a short overview of the science by a Jefferson researcher. The presenters will also address the problems that have prevented the development of effective therapeutic interventions, and the questions that remain unanswered. A moderated event will follow during which attendees will be encouraged to contribute their ideas and participate as a group in “crowd-thinking” with the goal of being able to generate together new, innovative, testable ideas that have potential to “solve” the unanswered issues.

Clinicians and basic scientists are encouraged to participate in a JeffSolves program, which will be held from 4:00-5:30 in the afternoon, with refreshments served throughout. A schedule with past and upcoming JeffSolves Programs and their locations can be found on the JCOR website.

Intramural Funding Sources that Promote Collaborations

Deans’ Transformational Science Award (DTSA)

The intent of the DTSA is to catalyze transformational science initiatives driven by Jefferson faculty to enable the generation of pivotal data that will form the basis of new, federally funded extramural grant submissions. Proposals are considered coming from either solo investigators or multi-investigator teams. Central to the goal of this intramural funding opportunity is that the project pursue scientific lines of investigation that contribute to departmental missions, as well as to larger institutional programmatic goals. More information on applying for a DTSA grant is located on the Jefferson Committee of Research webpage.

Programmatic Initiative Funding

Programmatic Initiative Funding is designed to support team science at Jefferson. To be eligible for funding through this opportunity as a NEW THEME TEAM applicants must have a demonstrated commitment to programmatic research including previous submission of multi-investigator, team science-based grant applications. More information on Programmatic Initiative funding can be found under Intramural Funding Opportunities. If you are interested in becoming involved in an ongoing Programmatic Initiative that aligns with or complements your interest and expertise please see the list of our programs.