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Computers & Technology

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I need information about how to use financial programs to create or manage a sponsored program budget

Visit the Office of Research Administration Help page

I need information related to gathering and processing of data related to the research
(Data collection design, Statistical analysis: Bioinfomatics)

Visit the Division of Biostatistics web site

I need information about

I need information about eRA Commons

I need information on literature searches, managing references, or other electronic publication techniques

AISR support for Jefferson Publishing includes help with Public Access Policy Compliance, Copyright & Fair Use, Guide to Policies and web resources, as well as software classes.

Offerings include:

I need approval or training related to regulations regarding:

I want guidance on scientific or technical matters related to content of the research or in polishing my writing to communicate the content

A sponsor wants to negotiate a research contract

For the following information, please seek the assistance of Pre-Award Contracts (including Clinical Trials Billing) ORA staff:

  • I have a promising research idea and need to fina an industry sponsor
  • An industry sponsor wants to negotiate a research contract
  • I am managing a contract for research sponsored by industry