• Co-designing a toolkit to improve digital literacy and reduce disparities in health outcomes among a Hispanic population
    DLA-21-1. The Mayor's Fund for Philadelphia. (PI: Rising) 2021 - 2023. 
  • Developing a Patient-Centered Research Agenda to Reduce Disparities in Telehealth Uptake
    Capacity Building. Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI). (PI: Rising) 6/2021 - 5/2023. 
  • Federal Communications Commission COVID-19 Telehealth Program
    (PI: Rising). 2020. 

  • Promoting safe care transitions: Simulation-based mastery learning to improve communication in times of diagnostic uncertainty
    5 R18 HS025651-03. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). (PI:Rising) 9/2017 - 09/2021. 
  • Measuring Patient Uncertainty During Acute Care
    Emergency Medicine Foundation & Emergency Nurses Association. (MPI: Rising/Gerolamo). 7/2016 - 6/2017. 

  • A pragmatic randomized controlled trial assessing the impact of medically tailored meals and medical nutrition therapy via telehealth among patients with poorly controlled diabetes
    5 R18 DK118590-02. National Institute of Health (NIDDK). (PI: Rising) 7/2019 - 6/2024. 
  • A Pilot Trial Assessing the Feasibility of Providing Medically-Tailored Meals to Patients with Health Failure
    Pennsylvania Medical Society. (PI: Chang). 10/2019 - 3/2021. 

  • Promotion of Covid-19 VA(X)ccination in the Emergency Department - PROCOVAXED 
    1R01AI166967-01. National Institute of Health. (PI: Rodriguez) 9/2021 - 8/2024 (subcontract).

  • Optimizing Telehealth Across the Cancer Continuum
    NCI Telehealth Continuum (co-I: Rising). 
  • Understanding Reasons Jefferson Home Health Care Patients Seek Unscheduled Acute Care: Can a Telehealth Intervention Keep Patients at Home?
    Jefferson Provost's Pilot Clinical Research Award. (PI: Gerolamo). 7/2019 - 6/2020. 
  • Qualitative Assessment of Physician and Patient Perception of a Telemedicine Initiative
    Jefferson Provost's Pilot Clinical Research Award. (PI: Handley). 7/2019 - 6/2020. 

  • State of Emergency: Reducing Racial Disparities in Diabetes Care in Pennsylvania
    4100077081. Pennsylvania Department of Health (PI: Rovner). 1/2017 - 12/2021. 
  • Reducing Emergency Diabetes Care for Older African Americans
    5 R01 DK114033-04. National Institute of Health (NIDDK) (PI: Rovner). 5/2018 - 3/2022. 
  • An Innovative Approach to Advanced Care Planning for Patients with Dementia
    Pennsylvania Medical Society. (PI: Rising). 10/2019 - 3/2021. 
  • Geriatric Emergency care Applied Research network 2.0 - Advancing Dementia Care (GEAR 2.0 ADC)
    R61AG069822-01. NIH / NIA. (mPI: Hwang, Shah). 2020 - 2025. 
  • Patient Returns to the Emergency Department: When and Why? 
    Emergency Medicine Foundation & Emergency Nurses Association. (MPI: Rising). 7/2013 - 6/2015. 
  • A Patient-Centered Approach to Observation Care and Transitions Home
    Emergency Medicine Foundation. (Mentor: Rising). 7/2015 - 6/2016. 
  • Patient Centered Transition Planning Following Discharge from the Emergency Department
    Emergency Medicine Foundation. (PI: Rising). 7/2014 - 6/2017. 
  • Concept Mapping as a Scalable Method for Identifying Patient-Important Outcomes
    PCORI. (PI: Rising). 1/2016 - 12/2019. 
  • Developing an Instrument to Measure Opportunity Cost of Oncology Care
    American Cancer Society Institutional Research Grant. (PI: Handley). 2019 - 2020. 

  • Fentanyl Test Strip (FTS) Distribution in the Emergency Department
    Vital Strategies. (PI: Reed). 5/2021 - 9/2021.