Telehealth Leadership Fellowship

The Center for Connected Care has a one- or two-year Telehealth Leadership Fellowship. As healthcare strives to connect an expanding pool of patients to their health care providers, Telehealth is poised for massive growth. Thomas Jefferson University is leading the nation’s adoption of telehealth with expansion in four key domains: outpatient care; transitions in care; inpatient care; and academics, with its JeffConnect ProgramNational Center for Telehealth Education & Research (NCTER), and Center for Connected Care. 

In this unique setting, Fellows will graduate as both telehealth researchers and program leaders.

Telehealth Leadership Program has four components. These core areas, and their associated competencies, continuously complement one another and work to build a foundation of telehealth and leadership success:

  • Leadership Skills Development
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Academia & Research
  • Clinical Experience