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The 2023 Open House was a wonderful success.  We were so happy to meet all of you and learn about your projects. We look forward to a productive 2024.

Join staff from the BioImaging Shared Resource for small group topic-driven sessions on one our systems.  Stay tuned for a posting of scheduled sessions.

Winter 2024: The BioImaging Shared Resource will be hosting systems candidates for this year's NIH S10 submission tentatively in February 2024.  Please reach out with any questions about these sessions.

Remote or in-person, these topic-driven workshops are valuable resources to stay up to date on the latest technology

Meetings and Courses

Each year, experts in the field of microscopy and quantitative imaging host intensive training courses in several renowned educational destinations.  Selection processes are rigorus, but the opportunity is unrivaled.

Join your peers from around the world for these incubators of education and collaboration.

Community Engagement

Fluorescence microscopy requires the use of intense illumination at specific wavelengths, traditionally in the visible spectrum.  For decades, this illumination relied on mercury based lamps, which had relatively short lifespans and unreliable intensities.  With the introduction of LED-based light sources, fluorescence research no longer needs to rely on these outdated, costly, and environmentally hazardous mercury sources.  The BISF is seeking to remove and replace all mercury sources on campus with their LED counterparts, but it starts with knowing more about the mercury footprint at Jefferson.  If your lab works with fluorescent microsopes, please fill out the survey below.

Light microscopy has changed the way data are collected, from the early days of modeln visualization and illustration to database mining massive data sets for trends.  The inherent data within these images is extracted, measured, and comapred through quantitative image analysis.  This is an aspect to modern microscopy that we at the BISR would like grow in our offerings.  To help us learn about your lab's analysis methods and needs, please fill out the survey below.

Effective presentation of microscopy data is critical part of digital imaing.  The BioImaging Shared Resource would like to explore this in an informal journal club.  To learn more and be added to our email list, please fill out the survey below.