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Nikon C2 Confocal

Future Directions for the C2 Confocal 

The Nikon C2 confocal has been a valued system for the BioImaging Shared Resource for many years now.  However, based on reduced usage and aging equipment, it will soon be retired.  Components will be reused for other systems and functionalities.  Please stay tuned for more end of life details and reach out to staff with any questions.

  • Nikon TiE inverted microscope
  • Motorzied XY stage and Z-focus drive
  • C2 Scan Head for high resolution confocal images
  • Three (3) channel DU-3 detector with four channel detection capability
  • Four (4) excitation laser lines (405, 488, 561, and 640 nm)
  • Transmitted light detection with DIC
  • Objectives: 20x, 40x oil, and 60x oil
  • Anti-vibration isolation table
  • NIS-Elements C software for multi-dimensional experiment acquisition and analysis

  • High Resolution Confocal Microscopy
  • Stand alone Analysis