• 2018 Code Red City-wide Conference on Gun Violence
  • Organized and Sponsored the Vision Zero Traffic Safety Conference in December 2015. This citywide dialogue on traffic safety in the City of Philadelphia was attended by 230 professionals in the field and cultivated an interdisciplinary dialogue addressing traffic safety in Philadelphia in the 21st Century. This meeting was attended by Jim Kenney, Mayor-Elect of Philadelphia at the time.
  • Formal affiliation with Jefferson College of Population Health for MPH and Doctoral degree students.
  • Inauguration of Literary Medicine Journal, Evanescent as a Medical Humanities initiative.
  • Established the Yeo Writing Prize - an annual literary competition dedicated to storytelling across the Jefferson Enterprise.
  • Developed association with SAGE, Students Against the Gun violence Epidemic
  • Launched the Eakins Writers’ Project- a literary workshop dedicated to the stories of injury and all its victims.