Research Centers & Institutes

The centers and institutes of Thomas Jefferson University represent areas of strength in clinical and basic research.

Arlen Specter Center for Public Service

Cardeza Foundation for Hematologic Research

The Cardeza Foundation for Hematologic Research has supported research, education and clinical Hematology services in the Department of Medicine at the Sidney Kimmel Medical College.

Center for Injury Research & Prevention

The Jefferson Center for Injury Research and Prevention fosters interdisciplinary collaboration that crosses global campuses and community borders ultimately to save lives and reduce disability. Our injury science experts devote themselves to conducting research, providing education, engaging social entrepreneurship and partnering with communities in the Delaware Valley and beyond. 

Center for Translational Medicine

The Center for Translational Medicine aims to bridge basic scientific discoveries with physicians' needs for their patients.

Computational Medicine Center

The Computational Medicine Center focuses on regulatory non-coding RNAs and “Big Data” mining. Our particular interests are in miRNAs, isomiRs, tRNAs, tRNA fragments, and piRNAs.

Daniel Baugh Institute

The Daniel Baugh Institute for Functional Genomics/Computational Biology has been established in the Department of Pathology, Anatomy and Cell Biology, Thomas Jefferson University, to provide an interdisciplinary base for research and education in these rapidly emerging fields.

Delaware Health Science Alliance

The Delaware Health Sciences Alliance is a partnership of Christiana Care Health System, Nemours, Thomas Jefferson University and the University of Delaware – dedicated to providing the finest healthcare education and to conducting research at the forefront of the health sciences.

Farber Institute for Neuroscience

The Jack & Vickie Farber Institute for Neurosciences is dedicated to translating advances in basic research into clinical solutions for the millions of people suffering from disorders of the nervous system.

Fashion & Textiles Future Center

The Fashion and Textiles Futures Center, the premier center for fashion and textile programs, immerses students in experiences that mirror industry.

Jefferson Clinical Research Institute

The Jefferson Clinical Research Institute (JCRI) serves the University mission by providing excellent clinical care for our patients, educating the multi-disciplinary health professionals of tomorrow, and discovering new knowledge that will define the future of clinical care.

Jefferson Vaccine Center

The Jefferson Vaccine Center was established with the goal of combining and further enhancing its existing interest and expertise in the area of Vaccine research and related areas such as immunology and microbial pathogenesis.

MitoCare Center for Mitochondrial Imaging Research and Diagnostics

The MitoCare Center delineates the multiple emerging mechanisms by which mitochondria are involved in health and diseases by exploiting  microscopic imaging and other advanced technologies.

Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center

Cancer treatment at the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center utilizes cutting edge technology, along with world class therapeutics and the latest clinical trial options.

Wills Vision Research Center at Jefferson

The Wills Vision Research Center at Jefferson was created to improve the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of visual diseases through regional, national and global collaboration among clinicians and researchers.