Sheu Research


Name: Shey-Shing Sheu, PhD
  • William Wikoff Smith Professor of Cardiovascular Research,
  • Associate Director

1020 Locust Street
Philadelphia , PA 19107

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Sergio de la Fuente Perez, PhD
I obtained my PhD at the University of Valladolid, Spain. My topic was the development of new tools to measure Ca2+ concentrations in cellular organelles. My current research focus is on the mitochondrial Ca2+ fluxes in adult cardiac cells, especially in the mitochondrial Ca2+ uptake through the mitochondrial Calcium uniporter complex (MCU).

Pierre Eyenga, MD
Hi, I am Pierre. Over the past few years, I am visiting Dr. Sheu's Lab to work on mitochondria structure in the development of cardiac arrhythmia during severe sepsis. For the most part, I am working as a clinical doctor at the University Hospital in Lyon, France.

Celia Fernandez-Sanz, PhD
My research is focused on the investigation of the non-canonical function of dynamin-related protein 1 (DRP1) in physiological excitation-contraction bioenergetics (ECB) coupling regulation in the cardiac tissue.

Yuexing Yuan, PhD
I received my PhD in Molecular Genetics in 2006 from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai. My primary task in our lab is to study the function of Ryanodine Receptors (RyR) in the heart. My specialty is echocardiography.

Marilen Federico, Ph.D exchange student
I am doing my PhD in Cardiovascular pathophysiology. In aparticular I am interested in the cardiac pathway of prediabetic damage with a focus on the role of CaMKII, Ca2+, and SR-mitochondria relation. I came to Dr. Sheu´s lab to learn about mitochondria mechanisms and ECB coupling.

Hui-Ying Tsai, Msc                                                           
After my master's degree and a year of work experience as a research assistant in Taiwan, I came to Dr. Sheu’s lab in 2019. I am studying the mechanism of mitochondria and Ca2+ regulation in cardiomyocytes. In addition, I am helping to organize the lab and maintain the animal colony.