Grampurohit Research


Name: Namrata Grampurohit, PhD, OTR/L
Position: Assistant Professor

901 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Telephone: 215-503-9421

Highlighted Publications

Grampurohit, N. (2016) Preliminary development of the hand and arm function measure in people with neurological conditions. (Doctoral dissertation) Retrieved by Research works University of Washington. Accession 2016

Grampurohit, N. D., Pradhan, S. P., & Kartin, D. (2015) Efficacy of adhesive taping as an adjunct to physical rehabilitation to influence body structure and function in persons with stroke: A Systematic Review. Topics in Stroke Rehabilitation22(1), 72-82.

House, G. H., Burdea, G., Polistico. K. P., Roll, D., Kim, J., Grampurohit, N. D., Damiani, F., Keeler, S., Hundal, J., & Pollack, S(2015) Integrative rehabilitation of residents chronic post-stroke in skilled nursing facilities: the design and evaluation of the BrightArm Duo. Disability and Rehabilitation: Assistive Technology. Jul 28, 1-12.

House, G., Burdea, G., Polistico, K., Grampurohit, N., Roll, D., Damiani, F., Keeler, S, Hundal, J. (2016). A Rehabilitation First-Tournament Between Teams of Nursing Home Residents with Chronic Stroke. Games for Health Journal. Feb; 5(1): 75-83

House, G., Burdea, G., Grampurohit, N., Polistico, K., Roll, D., Damiani, F., Hundal, J., and Demesmin, D. (2016) A Feasibility Study to Determine the Benefits of Upper Extremity Virtual Rehabilitation Therapy for Coping with Chronic Pain Post Cancer Surgery. British Journal of Pain. Online First

House, G., Burdea, G., Grampurohit, N., Polistico, K., Roll, D., Damiani, F. (2016). Integrative Upper-Limb Rehabilitation with BrightArm DuoTM in the Sub-acute Phase of Recovery Post-stroke. Journal of Medical Robotics Research. (Accepted)