Debes Research


Name: Gudrun Debes, DVM
Position: Associate Professor

233 South 10th Street
BLSB 609
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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Highlighted Publications

Geherin, S.A., et al., The skin, a novel niche for recirculating B cells. J Immunol, 2012. 188(12): p. 6027-35

Using our model of afferent lymph cannulation in sheep, this paper established the existence of skin-recirculating B cells and performed an initial characterization of skin B cell subsets and function.

Geherin, S.A., et al., IL-10+ Innate-like B Cells Are Part of the Skin Immune System and Require alpha4beta1 Integrin To Migrate between the Peritoneum and Inflamed Skin. J Immunol, 2016. 196(6): p. 2514-25.

This paper confirmed that B cells, including IL-10+ regulatory B cells, are part of the skin immune system of humans and mice.

Gomez, D., et al., Effector T Cell Egress via Afferent Lymph Modulates Local Tissue Inflammation. J Immunol, 2015. 195(8): p. 3531-6.

In this paper we present a proof-of principle that the regulation of pro-inflammatory T cell egress from the effector site via afferent lymph governs the inflammatory process. We also demonstrated that tissue exit receptors can be targeted to modulate T cell dwell time and inflammation at effector sites, revealing T cell tissue egress via lymph as a control point of inflammation and novel potential target of anti-inflammatory therapy

Recent Publications