Tracy Research


Name: Joseph I. Tracy, PhD, ABPP/CN
  • Director, Clinical Brain Mapping and Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory
  • Director, Neuropsychology Division
  • Professor of Neurology & Radiology
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My lab focuses on functional and structural brain connectivity in epilepsy as measured by resting state functional magnetic resonance imaging (rsfMRI), task-based functional magnetic resonance imaging (tfMRI), diffusion-weighting imaging (DWI), positron emission tomography (PET), and high-resolution anatomical MRI.

Areas of Research

  • The effects of seizures on brain function and cognitive networks.
  • The neurocognitive correlates of brain structural and functional network organization in epilepsy.
  • The identification and characterization of the functional connectome subserving epileptogenic networks.
  • Structural and functional reorganization in response to interventions such as resective neurosurgery, thermal ablation, and brain stimulation.
  • The application of imaging methods in surgical planning in epilepsy. The lab regularly conducts multimodal MRI scans that provide maps of brain structure and function utilized in surgical planning and intraoperative neuronavigation.

Current Research

A major current project aims to predict surgical outcomes following neurosurgery for temporal lobe epilepsy using structural and functional neuroimaging.