Therrien Research


  • Assistant Professor, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine
  • Institute Scientist, Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute

Sensorimotor Learning Laboratory
Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute
50 Township Line Road, Room 306, Elkins Park, PA 19027

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Highlighted Publications

Therrien AS, Wolpert DM, Bastian AJ. 2016. Effective reinforcement learning following cerebellar damage requires a balance between exploration and motor noise. Brain, 139: 101-114.

This study was the first to show that cerebellar damage leaves the capacity to leverage reinforcement learning intact, but it can reduce its efficiency.

Therrien AS, Statton MA, Bastian AJ. 2021. Reinforcement signaling can be used to reduce elements of cerebellar reaching ataxia. The Cerebellum, 20: 62-73.

Cerebellar damage impairs motor coordination, causing the movement disorder ataxia. This study was the first to show that reinforcement learning could be leveraged in individuals with cerebellar damage to improve the coordination of their reaching movements.