Stauffer Research


Name: Paul Stauffer, MSEE, CCE
Position: Professor

111 South 11th Street
Bodine Room G302A
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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My primary focus is on engineering research and development in the area of Thermal Therapy for cancer, including translation of novel heat treatment approaches from engineering design to laboratory testing and clinical use.  My efforts require a combination of theoretical and experimental design engineering,  Medical Physics support of clinical Hyperthermia, quality assurance commissioning of new microwave and ultrasound devices for heating tissue and monitoring tissue temperature, education of students, fellows and colleagues in Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering and Thermal Therapy physics, and introduction of new clinical techniques for improved treatment of cancer by combining heat with radiation, chemotherapy, and heat-targeted liposome-delivered therapy.

Research Projects

Interests include development of RF and microwave heating systems, new thermal dosimetry techniques and non-invasive deep tissue temperature monitoring approaches. Among others, past work includes “funded projects” in the areas of:

Research on superficial heat applicators

  • “Radiometry controlled conformal array heat applicator”
  • “Conformal applicator for simultaneous heat and brachytherapy”
  • Conformal waterbolus for improved coupling of microwaves to contoured anatomy
  • Microwave ring radiator for small animal hyperthermia treatments

Research on non-invasive thermal monitoring

  •  “High density thermal monitoring sheet for contoured surfaces”
  •  “Non-invasive VUR detection with microwave radiometry”
  •  “Miniature deep thermal imager for continuous monitoring of BAT metabolism”
  • “A novel low-cost and noninvasive device to measure deep temperature in the body”
  •  “Conformal array microwave radiometer thermometry device”
  • Magnetic resonance thermal imaging for treatment monitoring and control

Research on external magnetic induction heating

  • “Biocompatible polymer tumor bed implant for thermobrachytherapy of cancer”
  •  “Interstitial hyperthermia via induction heating of ferromagnetic seeds”
  •  “Ferromagnetic nanoparticle thermo-chemo-immunotherapy for bladder cancer

Research on enhancing tumor oxygenation, drug delivery, and radiation sensitivity

  • “Oxygen microbubbles for overcoming hypoxic tumor resistance to radiotherapy”
  • “Hyperthermia and Perfusion Effects in Cancer Therapy”
  • “Improved Delivery of Pharmaceuticals to Breast Cancer”