Riley Research


Name: Amy Henderson Riley, DrPH, MCHES
Position: Assistant Professor

901 Walnut Street
10th floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Telephone: 215-955-4788

Highlighted Publications

Riley, A. H., Sangalang, A., Critchlow, E., Brown, N., Mitra, R., & Nesme, B. C. (2021). Entertainment-education campaigns and COVID-19: How three global organizations adapted the health communication strategy for pandemic response and takeaways for the future. Health Communication, 36(1), 42-49.

Riley, A.H., Sood, S., & Sani, M. (2019). Narrative persuasion and social norms in entertainment-education: Results from a radio drama in Mozambique. Health Communication, 35(8), 1023-1032. 

Riley, A. H., Sood, S., Mazumdar, P. D., Choudary, N. N., Malhotra, A., & Sahba, N.(2017). Encoded exposure and social norms in entertainment-education. Journal of Health Communication22(1), 66-74.

Riley, A. H., Sood, S., & Robichaud, M. (2017). Participatory methods for Entertainment–Education: Analysis of best practices. Journal of Creative Communications, 12(1), 62-76.

Sood, S., Riley, A.H., & Alarcon, K. (2017). Entertainment-education and health and risk messaging. In R. Parrott (Ed.), Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Communication. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

Sood, S., Riley, A.H., Mazumdar, P.D., Choudary, N., Malhotra, A., & Sahba, N (2015). From awareness-generation to changing norms: Implications for entertainment education. Cases in Public Health Communication & Marketing, 8, 3-26.

Recent Publications

Mercier, R. J., Senter, K., Webster, R., & Riley, A.H. (2020). Instagram users' experiences of miscarriage. Obstetrics & Gynecology, 135(1), 166-173. 

Borum Chattoo, C., Feldman, L., & Riley, A.H. (2020). The role of different TV storytelling approaches in engaging U.S. Hispanic parents and caregivers around early childhood development. International Journal of Communication, 14, 24-45.

Riley, A.H., & Borum Chattoo, C. (2019). Developing multimedia social impact entertainment programming for Hispanics in the United States. The Journal of Development Communication, 30(2), 16-29.

Ataiants, J., Cohen, C., Riley, A.H., Lieberman, J.T., Reidy, M.C., & Chilton, M. (2018). Unaccompanied children at the United States border, a human rights crisis that can be addressed with policy change. Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health, 20(4), 1000-1010.