Pera Research


Name: Tonio Pera, PhD
Position: Assistant Professor of Medicine, Division of Pulmonary, Allergy & Critical Care Medicine
Organization: Department of Medicine

1020 Locust Street
JAH, Room 236
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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The Pera lab focuses on studying how GPCR signaling and functions are regulated by arrestins and GPCR kinases (GRKs), primarily in airway smooth muscle. In particular, we are interested in how muscarinic receptor biased signaling affects airway physiology. Biased signaling refers to the ability of GPCRs to induce disparate signaling pathways when bound to certain (biased) ligands. Biased signaling is often regulated by arrestins and GRKs. Muscrinic receptors are major drivers of airway pathology and therefore understanding muscarinic biased signaling is crucial for delineating signaling pathways which drive lung disease, as well as provide novel targets for therapy.