Mosca Research


Name: Timothy Mosca, PhD, MS
Position: Assistant Professor

233 South 10th Street
209 BLSB
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Telephone: 215-955-2213

Highlighted Publications

Mosca, T.J., Luginbuhl, D.J., Wang, I.E., & Luo, L. (2017) Presynaptic LRP4 promotes synapse number and function of excitatory CNS neurons. Elife, 6.

This publication identified that LRP4 is a critical cell surface molecule that serves as a synaptic organizer in the central nervous system. It functions presynaptically through an SR-protein kinase to regulate synapse structure and behavior.

Mosca, T.J. & Luo, L. (2014) Synaptic organization of the Drosophila antennal lobe and its regulation by the Teneurins. Elife, 3.

This paper established the Drosophila antennal lobe as a model system for studying synapse organization in the brain. It demonstrated that synapses follow certain rules that govern their three-dimensional organization and that the Teneurin cell surface proteins enforce those rules.

Mosca, T.J., Hong, W., Dani, V.S., Favaloro, V., & Luo, L. (2012) Trans-synaptic Teneurin signalling in neuromuscular synapse organization and target choice. Nature, 484.

Here, we identified the Teneurins, critical cell surface molecules that mediate the final step of pre- to postsynaptic neuron matching via a homophilic interaction. There is also a second, heterophilic interaction between the Teneurins that regulates synapse organization, creating a two-tiered mechanism.