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Name: Daniel E. Graves, PhD
Position: Professor

901 Walnut Street, 601G
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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This is a structural equation demonstrating the loss of information when weakly correlated sub-scales are combined into a single score.  Since most of the work I do involves measurement and statistics, I thought this image would best serve to illustrate the need for scientific investigation of measurement systems in order to maximize the information and minimize error.

Research Projects

The Motor Activity Profile (MAP) for motor recovery following Spinal cord injury.

There are approximately 288,000 people living with Spinal cord injury (SCI) in the United States (US), with close to 17,500 new injuries each year (National SCI Statistical Center 2018). Once medical stability is achieved, a primary focus of rehabilitation both in the short term and over time is recovery of motor and physical function. Likewise, a primary endpoint of most SCI clinical trials is neurological recovery as evidenced by improvement in motor activity.  An accurate, reliable, and valid method measuring motor function and motor recovery following SCI remains elusive.  There is a need for an efficient objective method for the measurement motor function and motor recovery following SCI for prognostication, guide therapeutic intervention and to facilitate research for use in clinical trials outcome. The MAP project is designed to approach this problem by bringing together two powerful measurement tools sEMG and Item Response Theory to determine if there is a way this important measurement can be made more accurate, reliable and valid.