Jefferson Clinical Research Institute


Name: David Whellan, MD, MHS
Position: Director, JCRI
Contact Number(s):

Mission, Goals, Capabilities

The Jefferson Clinical Research Institute (JCRI)  provides a vital service for Jefferson faculty. By offering faculty clinical research services incorporating the highest standards, JCRI allows Jefferson to expand its clinical research capabilities, particularly in areas that do not have sufficient research infrastructure.

In addition to site-based research, an important part of our plan is to develop clinical research networks with regional healthcare providers in order to coordinate multicenter studies with external partners. JCRI will achieve the successful completion of investigator-initiated and industry-sponsored research projects by offering our services in project management, contract and budget negotiation, study start-up, and implementation.


  • Partnering to bring academic excellence in clinical research to our colleagues throughout the healthcare community
  • Bringing multi-disciplinary professionals to lead the clinical research teams/projects of tomorrow
  • Setting the standard for quality, efficiency, and accountability in clinical research ventures


Site Based Research

  • Study feasibility
  • IRB Submission
  • Study Activation
  • Screening/Enrollment
  • Subject Follow-up
  • Data Collection
  • Biologic Samples
  • Regulatory
  • Study Closeout

Investigator Initiated Studies

  • Project Development
  • Database Studies
  • Pilot Study Feasibility
  • Project Management
  • Biostatistics and Analyses
  • Manuscript Preparation
Clinical Trials Network

  • Site Management
  • IRB/regulatory guidance
  • Network training/education
  • Site feasibility analysis
  • Site selection process
  • Study start-up process
  • Monitoring