Tyagi Research


Name: Mudit Tyagi, PhD, PGDBT

1020 Locust Street
543 JAH
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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Tyagi Lab research revolves around HIV and drugs of abuse focusing mainly transcriptional and epigenetic aspects. Our main research areas of interest are: 

  • Define the underlying molecular mechanisms that regulate HIV transcription and latency, and how can those mechanisms be used for therapeutic benefits. 
  • Characterize the molecular mechanisms that different drugs of abuse modulate to enhance HIV replication and neurocognitive complications.

Research Projects

  1. How different drugs of abuse, such as cocaine, morphine and methamphetamine modulate HIV life cycle and neurocognitive impairments.
  2. Define the underlying molecular and epigenetic mechanisms that regulate HIV latency and how they can be manipulated to eradicate HIV.
  3. Identify the small molecules that can inhibit coronavirus, HIV and neutralize impact of different drugs of abuse.
  4. Impact of HIV and/or drugs of abuse on premature aging process.