Seahorse XF24

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Name: Erin Seifert, PhD
Position: Associate Professor, Pathology, Anatomy, & Cell Biology

MitoCare Center
Jefferson Alumni Hall, Room 528

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Missions, Goals, Capabilities

The Seahorse XF24 instrument is a sensitive, high-throughput (24-well) easy-to-use technology to measure changes in O2 tension and proton concentration in the medium, as a function of time (~10 second resolution). The typical application is to interrogate mitochondrial bioenergetics in adherent preparations (intact or permeabilized adherent cells, or isolated mitochondria electrostatically adhered to plastic). The technology is endorsed by the mitochondrial biology community, and has been used in 100s of publications in multiple areas of biology).

The service center will 1) provide access to the Seahorse XF24, 2) provide basic training, and 3) ensure the functionality of the XF24.

The XF24 is located within the MitoCare Center, JAH 528, at the “Seifert Lab” space.

Major Equipment

Seahorse XF24 Instrument; PC with acquisition software and Excel for initial analysis of data; 37ºC, ambient CO2 incubator.



  • training for first-time users in instrument use and navigating the data output file, and refresher training if needed for returning users.
  • basic information about cell seeding density, concentrations of uncoupler and substrate conditions.
  • access to an incubator for overnight hydration of the cartridge.
  • access to bench space for plate preparation
  • access to Excel for initial data analysis
  • oversight of instrument scheduling
  • leadership to ensure the functionality of the instrument, by regular inspection of instrument function, by arranging the purchase of the service contract, scheduling annual on-sight preventative maintenance and any additional maintenance.

Not provided: consumables (e.g. custom culture plates, cartridges, assay media, permeabilizing reagents, cartridge hydration solution), pipettors, assistance with experimental design and data interpretation, anything related to and including an actual seahorse.