Jefferson Discovery Core


Name: Charles Scott
Department: Bluemle Life Sciences Building

233 South 10th Street
BLSB, , Room 833M
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Mission, Goals, Capabilities

The mission of the Jefferson Discovery Core is to assist Jefferson investigators in identifying biological probes and validating biological targets through high throughput screening of in-house, consortium based or investigator-supplied libraries of small molecules or RNAi.

Our goal is to supplement current capabilities in HTS of arrayed libraries with capabilities to generate and interrogate transduced/transfected libraries of shRNA or expressed peptides.

Current capabilities include:

  • Medium density (96 – 384 well) liquid handling under sterile or non-sterile conditions.
  • Medium density (96 – 384 well) detection of absorbance, fluorescence (intensity, anisotropy, time-resolved) and luminescence.
  • Consultation on assay design, data analysis and pharmacophore identification

Major Equipment

  • Biomek FX (non-sterile liquid handling)
  • Biomek 3000 housed in a Baker Sterilguard III reinforced biosafety cabinet for liquid handling under sterile conditions
  • Agilent Bravo for sterile, high-density plate replication.
  • BMG Polarstar Optima plate reader with 50-plate stacker

Molecular Diversity

  • Chembridge (60k)
  • ChemDiv (50k)
  • LOPAC (Sigma)
  • FDA Approved Drug Collection (Enzo)
  • Known Bioactives (ICCB)
  • US Drug Collection (Microsource)
  • Natural Products


  • HTS assay design & validation
  • Cell/compound array (medium density)
  • HTS of arrayed libraries (small molecule or RNAi)
  • HT detection of optical signal in multiwell samples
  • Pharmacophore identification & SAR
  • Custom library design consultation