Flow Cytometry & Human Immune Monitoring


Name: Jianke Zhang, PhD
Position: Director
Name: Larry Harshyne, PhD
Position: Director
Name: Thomas Cantrell
Position: Facility Manager
Name: Lauren Anderson-Pullinger
Position: Facility Manager

Contact Information

Name: Larry Harshyne, PhD
Department: Director


Name: Flow Cytometry

233 S. 10th Street
BLSB 606
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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Name: Human Immune Monitoring

233 S. 10th Street
BLSB 1019
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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Mission, Goals, Capabilities

The Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center Flow Cytometry and Human Immune Monitoring facility provides state of the ary fluorescence activted cell sorting and analysis capabilities, extracellular vesicle enrichment and analysis workflow and full service immune profiling for clinical and translational scientist.  The most commonly used flow cytometry applications include cell surface staining, blood immnue cell phenotyping, intracellular cytokine detection, phosphorylation and intracellular signaling pathway activation, transfection efficiency, apoptosis and caspase substrate cleavage, cell cycle analysis, cell proliferation, and real time analysis of Ca2+ mobilization kinetics.  The sorters, analyzers, and workstations allow for affordable, reliable, and accurate characterization of a wide variety of biological samples.  

Routine immune assays include multiplex Luminex, flow phenotyping of circulating white blood cells, and GeoMX digital spatial profiling.  Small extracellular vesicles can be enriched from plasma, urine, and cell culture supernatant using various platforms (Izon, Clara Biotech, etc) depending on size and sample source

The services provided by the facility are tailored to suit experimental designs at various stages of development including basic science, preclinical, and translational research.  This resource supports projects from investigators at  SKCC, Thomas Jefferson University, and partners across the city in academia and industry.

Major Equipment

Flow Sorters

  • BD Aria II SORP high speed cell sorter with bio-safety hood (5-Laser, 18-color)
  • BD FACS Melody streamline cell sorter (3-laser, 8-color)

Flow Analyzers

  • BD LSR II multicolor analyzer (4-laser, 12-color)
  • BD Fortessa with High-throughput plate reader (5-laser, 18-color)
  • BD Symphony A5 (5-laser, 23-color)
  • BD Celesta (3-laser, 12-color)

Immune Monitoring

  • Synergy H1 plate reader
  • FM3D Luminex
  • GeoMX digital spatial profiling

Extracellular Vesicle Analyses

  • Malvern NanoSight 300 small particle characterizer
  • Izon qEV small vesicle isolation platform
  • Clara Biotech ExoRelease small vesicle isolation platform


  • Flow analysis workstations (PC/Mac)
  • Flow panel design
  • Training for new users
  • Classes and webinars
  • Consulting (experiment design and data analysis)
  • Human sample collection, processing, and short-term storage (blood, urine, stool, tissue)