BSL3 Laboratory (3D)

Mission, Goals, Capabilities

Biosafety level three (BSL3) wet bench laboratory to support research with infectious agents requiring a higher biosafety level containment. The laboratory occupies 1100 square feet on the 7th floor of the BLSB. 

Major Equipment

  • Centrifuges, ultracentrifuge, heat blocks, and refrigerators, -80oC freezer, biosafety cabinets, tissue culture incubators
  • Tissue homogenizer for virus isolation
  • LUMINEX 200 for proteins assays from infectious samples 


  • Virus propagation and production
  • Virus plaque assays
  • RNA and protein isolation from virus infected cells
  • Virus neutralization assays
  • Infectious dose assay
  • Antiviral compound testing  
  • Luminex-based assays
  • Consultation and custom assays on request