Bioprinting Laboratory


Name: Director, Ryan Tomlinson, PhD


Name: Director, Design, Robert Pugilese, PharmD.
Department: Health Design Lab

925 Chestnut Street, Vault
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Mission, Goals, Capabilities

The mission of the Health Design Lab 3D Bioprinting Shared Resource is to advance Jefferson’s scientific and educational programs by providing the capability to fabricate complex biomimetic structures.

Goals: Our goal is to establish Jefferson as a leader in using 3D printing technologies to advance biomedical research and education. 

Capabilities: The Allevi 2 printers provide the capability to fabricate complex biological structures using multiple materials. These can include common simple tissues or more complex vasculature, organs on a chip, and electrically conductive tissue.

Major Equipment

  • 2 – Allevi 2 3D Bioprinters
  • Basic cell culturing equipment  


  • 3D Printing
  • User Training & Support
  • Materials and Design Consultation