Research Art Competition 2023
Cellular Molecular Winner

Shaina Robbins

"Little Brain of the Heart"

By interweaving anatomical, molecular, and imaging data we’ve created the first 3D atlas of the intracardiac nervous system (ICN), otherwise referred to as the heart’s “little brain”. The ICN (shown in yellow) is the hearts very own nervous system that has the ability to function independently of the brain. We know it is essential in supporting heart health, but its exact roles are still not completely clear. This ground breaking work bridges the gap between neurology, cardiology, and researchers alike to address questions in a way that were never possible before. 

Conceptual Art Winner

Gabrielle Santulli, Amy Szajna, Laura Moyer

"Depression in the Postpartum Period: Exploring a Brief Behavioral Activation Intervention"

The Stratton Foundation provided the Jefferson College of Nursing with a gift that funded faculty-led health services research pilot projects. To improve research literacy and community engagement, nurse scientists were partnered with Kanbar College of Design and Engineering, MS Health Communication Design students and alumni. Combining research and art resulted in an engaging artistic poster that brings awareness of postpartum depression to new moms in India which is often not acknowledged. Inspired by traditional Indian folk-art and embroidery, the design informs struggling new moms about the importance of mental wellness and communicating with family and healthcare providers.

This Year's Judges


Megan Voeller

Megan Voeller (they/she) is Director of Humanities at Thomas Jefferson University in Center City, where they develop programs that infuse the arts and humanities into health professions education. Previously, Megan was a curator at the USF Contemporary Art Museum. They hold degrees in art, art history and media studies.

Lucy Reading-Ikkanda/Simosn Foundation

Lucy Reading-Ikkanda

Lucy Reading-Ikkanda (she/her) is the graphic designer for the Simons Foundation where she produces explanatory diagrams to illuminate the work of computational research scientists. A graduate of the UC Santa Cruz Scientific Illustration Program, Lucy has worked as an art director for Scientific American, art director for The Scientist, and graphics editor for Quanta Magazine.