Applied Researchers

Architecture students working on a project
Architecture students working on a project
Dr. John Milliga

New methods to access nitrogen-containing molecules by using visible light

Our research is focused on developing new reactions in organic chemistry that are triggered by blue LED light. This approach provides facile, room temperature access to bioactive molecules that would be challenging or circuitous to prepare using conventional methods.  Specific investigations ongoing within this project include new approaches for "redox neutral" C-N bond formation and new radical/polar crossover approaches to access indole alkaloids.

Dr. Les Sztandera

Computational Intelligence for Emergency Medical Care Services in South Africa

The total cost metric is an important indicator that serves as the departure point for understanding the extent and magnitude of the problem related to the un-utilized on-scene discharge of patients by Emergency Medical Services (EMS) providers on the African continent, and an adequate Emergency Response System that needs to be in place to address it.

The data, that we propose to examine, will be provided by our EMS South African partners and will be used to establish a data warehouse that, in turn, will be utilized by Artificial Intelligence to guide responders on the scene, and to improve overall EMS services.

Professor Les Sztandera, Ph.D will collaborate with Chris Stein, PhD at University of Johannesburg (UJ) to provide doctoral (PhD) training in Health Sciences in Emergency Medical Care through UJ to Mr. Benjamin van Nugteren, Program Manager: Department of Emergency Medical Care Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Johannesburg.

Dr. Ron Kander

Hemp Research

The use of industrial hemp as a sustainable, renewable source of biomaterial is rapidly increasing in the US due to our interest in sustainable, high-value consumer and industrial products made from renewable resources.  As the US laws and policies around the industrial use of hemp are relaxed, interest in these applications is only accelerating.

We have developed a trans-disciplinary academic research program to support this growing agricultural and manufacturing industry by researching the material science, process engineering, business models, supply chain economics and sustainability of hemp as an industrial raw material.  This research will support the design of new products with well-defined markets that utilize hemp-derived materials in an economic and sustainable way.

Specific projects addressing each of the areas listed above have been developed with targeted academic, industry and government partners.  Significant progress has already been achieved through industry partnerships that have led to 5 “product-by-process” patents for hemp-derived materials that are in various stages of commercialization.  Academic and government partnerships are now being formed with the goal of proposing a Pennsylvania based  “Industrial Hemp Center of Excellence” to develop the new materials, processes, products and business models necessary to grow and sustain a robust industrial hemp industry