Faculty Playbook

About this Playbook

This playbook is meant as a guide to lead researchers at Jefferson University through the administrative processes of on-campus research. This playbook outlines necessary steps and services available to make a wide variety of projects ranging from a weekend sprint project to a year of deep study possible here at Jefferson.

This playbook has been divided into the four stages of the project lifecycle: initiation, planning, execution, and close out. Please consult the Office of Applied Research at appliedresearchoffice@jefferson.edu for immediate questions or concerns.


Office of Applied Research

Opposed to the sole creation of new knowledge or expanding current knowledge, applied research addresses realworld and client-driven problems through the application of accumulated theory, knowledge, methods and techniques.

The Office of Applied Research at Jefferson is dedicated to fostering hands-on educational experiences to students while simultaneously providing cutting edge resources to industry and administrative support to both student and faculty researchers.

The Office of Applied Research, in collaboration with other university departments, provides support for coordinated efforts to assist in the proper design, planning, execution, and close out of sponsored research and industry projects on campus.