Set Up an Award

  • When you receive a Just-in-Time (JIT) request from NIH or any pre-award request from a funding sponsor contact your RACE GA for assistance in processing the request
  • When you receive the Notification of Award (NOA, NGA) notify your RACE GA so they can begin the internal processes of setting up the award – it is advisable to provide the GA with a copy of the NOA, particularly if you are an MPI on an application on which Jefferson is the subcontractor
  • If there is a budget cut associated with the award notify your RACE GA that a revised budget needs to be prepared
  • If there are subawards on a grant that you are PI, or an MPI application on which you are contact PI, it is advisable that you alert your GA so that they can begin the necessary paperwork so that funds can be available to your collaborators in a time effective manner
  • Set up a meeting with your GA if adjustments in personnel percent effort and salary distribution are involved
  • Schedule a meeting with your GA to go over any questions that you might have regarding the details of your award