Non-Competitive Renewal

Non-Competitive Renewal

When you receive an e-mail message from your Sponsor forward the e-mail to your RACE GA to inform them as there can be a delay in their receiving this information.

One month before your noncompetitive renewal/progress report is due, set up a meeting with your RACE GA to review financial projections and progress report requirements.

Delegate your GA in eRA commons or other sponsor website as relevant so that they can upload the detailed administration information for you.

If you will need assistance in preparing your noncompetitive renewal/progress report from you GA, notify then 10 days before the due date to schedule a meeting.

For NIH grants monitor the details of your RPPR in eRA commons. When all is completed, at least 5 days before it is due, route your RPPR to the appropriate administrator in ORA. If you are unsure who to route to your GA can provide that information to you.