Manage an Award

Once your grant award is set up, here are some guidelines on how RACE will assist you in managing your award.

Your RACE GA will provide regular grant projections, meeting with you in the RACE office or in your own office, to inform you of your spending rates in all categories of your budget as originally set up. As you approach the time of reporting your Progress Report it is essential that you pay close attention to your spending rate. For NIH grants it is suggested it is advised to have less than 25% carryover to the next budget year.

Reallocation of personnel effort on grants is handled by your RACE GA.

Effort reporting for non-exempt grant personnel will be due on a monthly basis, for exempt grant personnel every six months. Your RACE GA will prepare the percent salary allocation for each grant for your approval through PeopleSoft.

Order processing is handled through the Purchasing Team of RACE. RACE purchasing forms can be found on this page under the FORMS tab. If you would like to designate lab personnel authority to submit purchase orders you will need to delegate that responsibility by submitting the document available under the FORMS tab to RACE.

Annual charges allocations will be handled for you through your RACE GA.

If you use animals in your studies it is advised that you keep track of monthly charges available in eSirius.