Christiana Care Health System Genome Editing Institute

Christiana Care Health System Genome Editing Institute

In the post-genomics era, genome editing has become key to the molecular dissection of genetic loci involved in health and disease.  To facilitate use of state-of-the-art genome editing technologies, Jefferson has established an agreement with the Gene Editing Institute at Christiana Care Health System.  This agreement provides Jefferson scientists access to all expertise and technological resources within this Institute.  A number of Jefferson faculty have already worked successfully with the Institute.  

  • The Provost’s office has provided the annual partnership fee, which allows Jefferson faculty immediate access to the experimental design expertise provided by Institute personnel.

  • The core expertise of the Institute is generation of “knockout” and “knock in” lines in mammalian cells.  The Institute is also interested in working with individual faculty to establish CRISPR-based screens and other customized projects.  (This agreement does not preclude Jefferson faculty from working with other genome editing centers, such as the newly established UPenn CRISPR mouse facility.)

  • Via this agreement, Jefferson faculty can contract for generation of cell lines at $2500/knockout and $5000/knock in.

  • In year 1 of the agreement, the Provost’s office will subsidize the full cost of up to 40 projects.  Guidelines for applying for this subsidy are available here.

  • After subsidy funds are exhausted, Jefferson faculty who elect to use the Institute will pay the discounted partnership rates directly.  Large projects may be facilitated by including Institute personnel on grant applications.

  • All projects will be managed via iLabs.

  • The Institute Director, Dr. Eric Kmiec, and key staff members will visit Jefferson in May to present an overview of their capabilities and workflow process.  Details of this visit will be forthcoming.

Click here for more information: Gene Editing Institute at Christiana Care Health System

Mark L. Tykocinski, MD
Exec. Vice President for Academic Affairs
Anthony F. & Gertrude M. DePalma Dean
Sidney Kimmel Medical College

Steven B. McMahon, Ph.D.
Senior Assoc. Provost for Programmatic Science
Professor and Chair
Dept. of Biochem. & Mol. Biology
Sidney Kimmel Medical College

Brian N. Squilla, MBA 
Vice President for Administration
Chief of Staff
Office of the Provost