Schiewer Research


Name: Matt Schiewer, PhD
Position: Assistant Professor

233 S 10th Street
BLSB 804
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Contact Number(s):

Representative image of a prostate cancer tissue grown ex vivo as an explant, H&E stained. We utilize this system to test the efficacy of drugs against multiple tumor types, including prostate and bladder.  

Research Projects

Crosstalk of DNA repair, cell cycle, and transcriptional machinery in prostate cancer

We previously determined that PARP-1, outside of its canonical role in DNA repair, modulates the transcriptional activity of key oncogenic transcription factors in prostate cancer (AR and E2F1). We are following these studies to examine the downstream biological consequences of PARP-1 associated transcriptional programs. 

Hormone Signaling in Bladder Cancer

Even after correcting for smoking and occupational exposure, men are diagnosed with bladder more frequently than women, but women have worse disease outcomes than men. This suggests that there may be a sex hormone component to this disease. We are currently exploring the consequences of androgens in this tumor type.