LaNoue Research


Name: Marianna LaNoue, PhD, MS
Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Family & Community Medicine

1015 Walnut Street
Suite 401, Curtis Building
Philadelphia, PA 19106

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I am a quantitative psychologist with interests in patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR), rigorous mixed-methods evaluation research, and measurement theory and implementation. My current research focus in on development and testing of methods for engaging patients and stakeholders in the research process. I also investigate novel patient-centered care delivery systems, and the measurement of patient perceptions of healthcare.  Finally, I am interested in the measurement of lifetime adverse events as predictors of adult health outcomes, with a focus on developing alternative measurement models which include patient-reported impact of events,  for these relationships.

Research Projects

Concept Mapping as a Scalable Method for Identifying Patient-Important Outcomes

In this project we are comparing the mixed-method methodology  Concept Mapping (CM) to individual patient interviews to illicit patient important outcomes for disease treatment. (Funded by PCORI).

Associations between Childhood Adversity and Urgent & Emergent Healthcare Utilization

This project analyzes a large dataset collected in an urban emergency department to examine relationships between childhood adversity and adult healthcare utilization patterns. 

Measuring Adverse Childhood Events: Scaling Effects on Estimated Relationships.

This project will examine several scaling methods for counts of events related to childhood adversity to test the hypothesis that event scaling is not an arbitrary when  estimating relationships between adverse childhood events and adult health outcomes.